Bad Drugs "Old Men Young Blood" CD & Vinyl

Bad Drugs "Old Men Young Blood" CD & Vinyl

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Hier das Album meiner Punkband "The Bad Drugs - Old Men Young Blood"

Energetisch und laut. Melodiös!

  1. Close to death
  2. We are (not) fucked
  3. This will kill me
  4. I don't care
  5. Your R.A.M.O.N.E.S. Coverband sucks
  6. Oh mymymy
  7. Like giants
  8. Alarm alarm
  9. Superheropower
  10. You got the answer
  11. I quit my job
  12. Homophobic asshole
  13. Hold on
  14. I hate the winter
  15. I really hate the winter

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